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In 2021, by creating Anthology, we discovered that the essential thing is to know how to evolve.

Mavolo's history began in 1962 with a distillery, but then intuition, passion and vision guided us towards the market of distribution of beverages, liqueurs and spirits. Seriousness and transparency have rewarded us among the most reliable, quality of service and logistical power among the most solid and competitive.

And today with Anthology we reinforce our business philosophy, namely to seek out the best national and international products, select those with the strongest communication potential and share them through all distribution channels. But by adding to this (the great classics of beverages) a passion for exclusive new products that arouse intense emotions and are ahead of consumer trends, we become an opportunity for success and growth for our partners. Signature labels from the future.


  • 1962
    The founder, Antonio Mavolo, starts a small distillery where he puts to use the finest secrets of bottling and combines them with retail sales of beverages.
  • 2000
    In 2000, the children Alessandro and Elisabetta steer the business towards the wholesale marketing of liqueurs. Initially, they enter the market in the Veneto region, and with time, encouraged by early successes, they expand the headquarters by introducing innovations that immediately give a strong boost to the business.
  • 2008
    Over the years, the company has been structured and expanded, covering the regions of Northeast Italy, Central Italy, and Northwest Italy.
  • 2011
    In the first four months of 2011, the company extends the distribution channels by offering a wide range of beverages, including soft drinks, beers, juices and wines.
  • 2021
    Anthology, the other side of the moon, is born.
    A project to change the usual ideas of research, selection, supply. Exclusive labels resulting from careful exploration, where the criterion of choice is not only the excellence of the product but also its sustainability and history.

    With Anthology for Mavolo Beverages today is already tomorrow: in fact, our success bases its solidity not only on the inexhaustible resources of our warehouse, on our long-sellers, but above all on new ideas, new products, reliability and continuity in import and distribution.

    And if we ensure competitiveness, efficiency, innovation, the guiding values in our daily relationship with customers and suppliers remain seriousness and honesty. Because it is today that tomorrow begins.

The importance for suppliers
of finding a partner in Italy 

We are proud of our long-term relationships throughout the country.

Since 1962, Mavolo has maintained a commitment to personal relationships, knowledge, and exceptional service.

Mavolo Beverages aims to be the best partner for our customers and suppliers, inspiring passion for spirits, beers, and liqueurs nationwide.


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